Show Notes

These are the Show notes used in all the Podcast / Video’s episodes.

Episode 121 The Radical Left is dismantling America : White House will not Fire Fauci | Rand Paul gets threat Package | White House considering CRT Grants | CRT curriculum sponsored by Pizza Hut | Blues clues part of the PRIDE Propaganda | Kelloggs New Together cereal | CA teachers union be leaves we are an EVIL Empire | NYC Shrink fantasized about killing white people you tube video | Chinese concentration camp that will make you have chills. | Baltimore plant found to have unsanitary conditions | Fed Judge says CA Assault weapons ban unconstitutional

Episode 119 The Radical Marxists are behind this : Ilhan Omar’s Daughter is following her radical mothers footsteps | Antifa has a HIT List | The Marxist left is creating a Jan 6th Commission and 36 Republicans joined them | AOC lies again | New York man set free after beating a Jewish man | 1619 project author gets her tenure rescinded | Biden opens up Russian gas line while keeping ours closed. | Civil Rights Agency canceled conservative speakers | Space Force Officer Fired for calling out Marxism

Episode 118 The world is on fire as Biden Sleeps: New York Times caught lying says no gas line as gas lines happen | Whitmer orders pipeline to close amid gas shortages | 120 Generals and officers sign warning letter | space force fired for speaking against marxist | CIA new WOKE ads are aiding our enemies | Netanyahu promises payback to terrorists Israeli Palestinian Conflict White house condemns airstrike at HAMAS tower as rockets attack Tel Aviv beach | Iran helped Hamas with Missiles US helps pay HAMAS | Palestine is not a country Its still part if Israel | GOP says NO MORE TALKS WITH IRAN

Episode 117 Disney jumps off the cliff with radical Racism Agenda: Snow White ride gets backlash over this At Disneyland | Disney Promotes what? | Radical Agenda exposed at Disney Article with the documents the Twitter Feed as well

Episode 116 Biden Decoded| Bush Tax Cuts | John Kerry Tips off Iran But he says it wasn’t him | Fed plan to indict Chauvin | NC 2 officers dead | Feds search Giuliani’s apt | US post office spying on americans | Email shows Democrat election officials Colluded with tech To censer Election Vote Fraud | History of the DNC | Even the socialists are calling out the DNC | WEF Build back better and what it really means | Biden removes Trumps order to protect our grid | Real consequences of 15 dollar Min Wadge

Episode 115: Covid 19 Truth Reveled | How to calculate cases | Oxford covid study | Sweden Covid bottomed out after 6 months with no lockdowns | Hydroxychloroquine could save 100K Lives | Science does not drive all CDC decisions | Mask has no evidence it works but CDC will push it anyway | Mask mandate debunked | North Carolina most innovative | a little history on Mandy Cohan Wikipedia | CDC created Vaccine ID since august 2020 | Biden wants to change history | Covid is now used in Racist Fashion FH Vaccine appointments and AAR main site |

Episode 112:We need to question everything. Collages encourage Racial Segregation?? | Teachers make a list on parents | Baltimore fails a student and passes him anyway Student with .13 GPA | White supremacist Asian attacker in Oakland last name Muslim | president of Drag queen story hour is a PEDO | North Carolina county wants to Disrupt White Culture | Michigan Restaurant owner is arrested for Violating COVID rules | China bitch slapped US | Biden is poking a bear names Putin | N. Korea is ignoring Biden

Episode 110 We need to protect our kids: LA teachers union uses Racism as reason to keep schools closed | Trans day care working charged with | Woman has 4 year old read GAYBC’s | Arizona bill on Pedo’s could hurt POC’s?? | Canada wants kids in Isolation over covid | Lady banned on twitter for calling out a trans… | Illegals with covid released into US while Biden bans reporters from seeing child detention | Critical Race Theory is destroying the education system Biracial student wont bow and now cant graduate | Older piece that Pedo’s believes they need to be part of LGBT and now they are | NYC schools bans Mom and DAD | Biden clip 1 Biden Clip 2 Clip of Leader calling US weak

Episode 109 1930s Germany 2.0 : NC Fails to override Coopers Veto | LGBTP??? | Nadler has not concern for GODS WILL | Democrat says the silent part out loud. | Big Tech and Microsoft wants to destroy Online Privacy. | Joe has no idea | Boston suspended advance learning over racism | Godaddy in trouble | Los Angeles to start Covid Tracking kids | Democrats try to silence news that dont agree with them | Chine used out Diplomats as example, They want to anal probe us all

Episode 108 The radical agenda exposed: HR 5 the Equality Act | HR 350 Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act | Minnesota Teacher praises Trans Prostitute at Middle School | The article Sydney spoke about in her Video Sydney Watson’s Video | Biden HHS Nominee Defended Chemical Castration for kids | Bronx educator fired for not doing the Black Panther Salute | Linkedln removes Diversity Lesson telling people to be less white.

Episode 107 The fight i warned about is here : Coca Cola Forces employees to take Whiteness Course The screen shots | Bill Gates says Math is racist | The Muppet show IS now racist | united 777 catches fire | Retired General is looking in Jan 6th. | Banks can soon be able to Refuse democrat enemies | China Guards Raping Detainees | Corona Virus censors killed the truth

Episode 106 Left cannot hide there lies anymore: The Truth about Officer Sicknick | Biden made Racist comment at Town meeting | Blues Clues is now WOKE So is cartoon Network | NY schools are teaching White Identity written by a black professor NY schools are asking parents to show the whiteness | Harris does not get fact Checked | Facebook Fact Checkers are hiding facts on Corona That we been funding since 2014| CNN and NBC paid Agitator for video on jan 6th 35K for the footage and we have the documents And John Sullivan Violated a Utah Judges Condition of release and we have video| what is happening in Texas | Biden adviser has no answer on why California is failing but FLA is thriving | Nancy Pelosi’s dad was investigated by the FBI | Gov Dumbo threatens Dem Ron Kim | Transgender breaks woman’s skull

Episode 105 Push-back starts now : Cuomo aid admits Nursing home Coverup Hid the data so feds wont Find out |Seattle Antifa Builds snow wall to keep police from leaving | Biden calls for Gun Control Its worse then you think | Science is Racist? From 2016 and 2017 | FBI Visits Home of Black Republican for being in DC on Jan 6th | Jake Tapper asks Swallwell about his China Spy bed buddy yet Swallwell wants 911 style commission to go after conservatives. | Bank Of America all in on great reset | Steven Spielberg’s daughter a Pedo victim? | Ms. Arquette says more Harvey’s in Hollywood | Bidens Daughter exposes the Biden Family secrete Ashley Biden’s Trauma And why she used Drugs to Hide the pain | FLA Police officer arrested for soliciting sexually explicit Photos

Episode 102 Democrats are repeating history and coming for our Kids:

NC Board split over new Social Studies Rule | LA Times compared Trump supporters to Hezbollah | Glenn Beck sets record straight on NY times attack | AOC was not at Capital on Jan 6th. where she was | TIME MAGAZINE EXPOSES THE TRUTH! IT WAS STOLEN | MSNBC host Fantasizes about Drone Striking Conservatives | Piece of sorry trash threatens President Biden.

Episode 101 Do you recognize your country| L.A opens outdoor dining but TV is not allowed | Police want to perm fence around Capital | Maxine Waters Admits to treating trump supporters all the time | Dr. Fauci Double Mask | HR 4192 | H.R 1 What is translates to

Democrats are putting us in danger: Kamala Harris has Anti Conservative bias | Biden to Shift focus on Domestic Terrorism The intro to HR 350| Biden “Salute the marine” | AOC wants to form a Commission to Rein in Media , and fears colleagues sneaking on forearms on house floor , But states Nation can only heal once Oppressed southern states are liberated| GOP member wants to give 1400 stimulus to only those that take vaccine | HR 5717 Gun Violence BS .. they want the guns | Twitter allows Child porn but bans Trump | Biden is allowing China to have involvement in our Power Grid | Twitter posts of Antifa, at Bellingham WA, At the DNC headquarters in Portland | Biden signing blank Executive Orders

They are coming for us: 2000 National Guard Troops in DC swarm in as US marshals | National African American Museum removed whiteness chart | PA Health Department now Assistant US health Dept Director, Issues Preferred Covid ORGY regulations. | Pentagon fears inside attack on Biden, now vets 25k Guard troops FBI Reports| 30 People arrested in Clash between BLM and Police in NYC | Katie Couric says trump Supporters need deprogrammed | Project Veritas Twitter Plans for Global ‘Political Censorship’ | Not my president 2017 | Schumer Trump should not be eligible to run for office again

Episode 99 Democrats are De humanizing us: AOC throws Toddler fit |AOC calls for more Funding to de radicalize white | Pelosi Cheers troops in DC

Episode 98: The assault has began: DO NOT ATTEND ARMED PROTESTS! | Which 10 republicans supported impeachment | Parler CEO Blasts AOC | Parler CEO has life threatened in wake of app ban | House Democrats Leading impeachment, lead efforts against certification 2017 | Texas woman arrested on election fraud charges | media accusing republican law maker for quoting Pelosi | Pelosi don’t know why no uprising | Marjorie Taylor Greene will introduce impeachment against Biden | McConnel has family Ties to CHINA

Episode 97: We have fallen | Kamala Harris FWEEDOM story came from Dr. King | China Dictator XI orders army to prepare for war at any second | Evidence China was colluding with the Bidens with election meddling | Antifa infiltrated protest | Biden Dont call them protesters call them terrorists. | Pelosi says Democrats will impeach Trump again |Trump Supporter that got punched was Doxed by her own Daughter | How did your rep vote on Jan 6th | *Older piece that needs repeating* Text message show Biden and wife colluded to suppress Hunters actions with Minor

Episode 96 : gas Line hit in coordinated attack | Squirrels attack residence in Queens NY They are not happy | California is the nations Covid Epicenter but front line workers are refusing Vaccine | Portland antifa brings in new year by attacking Federal Courthouse | NY state bill A416 | Democrats Propose Nazi-Inspired Bill To Round Up, Institutionalize “Public Health Risks” | WVA accidentally gave 42 people wrong Vaccine | Democrat ends prayer with A woman | Democrats ask FBI to launch probe into trump AGAIN | Left wing journalist wants to find an anti masker and beat them to death.

Episode 95 This fight is coming to your door part 2: 21 injured in explosion at Baltimore BGE | Explosion near Lyons Nebraska | Vatican OK’s Getting Covid vaccine that used aborted babies | Employers can Fire employees that don’t get vaccine | Cartoon Network releases systematic Racism video | Obama sent US tax money to Al-Qaeda Affiliate while President

Episode 91: Episode 91: Democrat Document surfaces demanding Biden clamp down on conservative Christians | Cartoon Network tells children there are many Genders beyond girl and boy | Hunter Biden was Due to receive Significant payment from CHINA | New Epstein Tapes show Top Supreme court justice being blackmailed | Intel Community assessment delayed amid dispute over China influence in election | Elderly VS essential workers. who gets vaccine first.