Show Notes

These are the Show notes used in all the Podcast / Video’s episodes.

Episode 144 Its is only getting worse : Project Veritas part 2 | Troops are dishonorably Discharged | Delta Employees sue airline | Congressman drafts letter over Veritas findings | Biden busted with this on his laptop | Teachers union strike again and its sick | Biden has uber leftist as ICE overseer | Liberal group call to shoot republicans? | CDC quietly removed masks and other stuff | Republicans also helped spread Misinformation | Hunter tried to black mail another country | Oregon health officials say ok to kiss | Military courts could order ‘red flag’ gun confiscation under defense bill

Episode 143 Biden Admin imploding: Seattle to require Vaccine passports | LA police ordered to collect Social Media of everyone | Mass Teachers Union says this is now White supremacy and so is this per VA Teacher | FDA Panel rejects Booster but Biden pushing it anyway with assistance from the NIH | CDC records show Teachers Unions Guidance on what? | Nicki Minaj calls out reporters | Black Family Kicked out of NY Restaurant over passport | NYC restaurants not enforcing mandate | Judge in case of Sussmann is married to who? | Law Professor says university is Violating Fed Trade law | Project veritas | VA to use QR codes to verify Covid | Biden Tightens grip on covid antibody treatment | Wash football team gets huge TV ratings

Episode 142 our Collapse is All by design | The Tulsi Gabbard Video | Trump defense sec. Milley went Rogue | Bidens economy transcript | Parents lash out at teachers Marxist poster in class | FDA approves booster for elderly and High Risk | DOD admits Killing kids in drone strike | Student that pulled US flags from memorial has sick backing | Techno Fog exposes fact on Clinton lawyer indictment

Episode 141 The fight for our constitutional republic has began | AOC Wears no mask but a bumper sticker dress | Military General committed treason | Biden’s Actions inspired our enemies | Islamist did Disgusting thing to US Flags | Our kids are being taught on 9/11 is Dangerous | School Board member uses 9/11 is sick way | Dems Elect man in Prison and ABC softens the blow | Recall Newsom Rally goes violent | Grocery prices going up | Nurse makes hospital Admit firing over mandate | Covid numbers are misleading | NY Teachers union wins mandate | Biden Admin will Monitor exemptions to mandate | FDA boosters not needed | Facebook allows VIPS to break rules | College football 2nd week of F&^k Biden | Biden to lobby for filibuster | Islamist’s use 9/11 to promote there hate

Episode 140 Biden is a LIAR: Biden wants this new policy when it comes to Afgan refuges | CDC controlled by Teachers Unions | The Unvaccinated will be Punished | Congress and USPS is exempt from Bidens Orders | White House wants to give Afghans Welfare | Psaki Refuses to explain why | Texas Hospital bans Ivermactin | Vax mandate a workaround?

Episode 139 What are they Hiding?| 900 page FOIA on Fauci shows Ties to China lab | Rolling stone Mis information on Ivermectin Gets debunked Yet MSNBC and other leftist still run with it. | Afgans arriving in US to get 1250.00 Stimulus | Unhinged teacher calls student a POS for doing what he is doing | COVID FDA Approved FACTS Revealed | Taliban and China are partners | Taliban holding US planes Hostage Not just the ones working with beck | Minnesota Bail fund promoted by Harris bailed out a murderer | Mother PISSED a teacher taped a mask on her 4th grader | 911 Operator allegedly hangs up on callers

Episode 138: The beating will stop when we submit: Biden lies again | Left wants to close opposition bank accounts | China making Dossiers on Americans | HHS lost 1 in 5 kids at border | Text reveals we are leaving Americans behind | Our equipment now in IRAN | WHO says new variant vaccines wont work | Owans denied Covid test | Taliban to Congress Dont change our cultur | Dinesh Tweet | Biden has impeachable call | Liberty Doll video

Episode 136 Going from Bad to Worse: Taliban takes Black Hawks and control’s sky’s | Biden not giving Americans Priority | Activist states Taliban setting women on FIRE | Intel Community trying to defend itself | Terrorists crossing border | Taliban MOCKS WW2 | Defense Secretary Contradicts Biden | Taliban releases thousands of Prisoners | State Department mad Taliban not keeping promise | France calling for Moral Responsibility | FBI NO EVIDENCE Jan 6th was Coordinated | Australia shoots Dogs for what? | UVA Dis-enrolls students over Covid | Taliban seeking Christians | Beck raises insane amount to rescue Christians | US Mom rescues Afgan girls | Pentagon states 2k evacuated but only 325 are american | Republican Congress woman introduces articles of impeachment.

Episode 135 Our elected officials betrayed us: Harris says she had key role in gan | US citizens trapped by Taliban | West Point to teach Marxism | US abandons Embassy | Pelosi thinks Biden did great | Protesters mad at Biden over Taliban | EX Obama Dr. Biden do your job | Another 9-11 coming | Border is worse then we thought | DHS dropped 40K Migrants with what? | CNN accused of fear porn | Majority of Democrats prefer Socialism | Hunter Biden has 2nd laptop gone | Grammy winner begs Obama to forgive her | PBS gets more woke | Iran Immigrant Goes off on Va School Board | Murder up, Crime Down?

Episode 134 We need to protect our kids: Case against masking kids Fox news that was in this episode | AZ Democrat Arrested for Child molestation Phoenix news report | Another Dem accused of soliciting a 14 year old | Physicians post mis-info on Vaccine will lose | Moderna and Pfizer lost trying control group data | White House Defends travel restrictions | Chicago Teachers union blames Delta Variant for delay | CDC sars cov2 infections in Massachusetts | Significance of Nuremberg Code | America own Social credit Score | Senate Infrastructure bill taxes drivers | Nuremberg Code | CNN Disease expert Masks don’t Work | 2 more DC police die from alleged suicide

Episode 133 Caption Odious on Covid : Boarder patrol test positive | Link Between case and death weakened | OLD Article CDC Declares PCR Tests must go | Investigation proves covid leaked from lab | Medical ASSOC blasted after wanting to remove sex from Birth Certificates | China solar panel Industry more carbon than Gas | Police arrest trans internet personality over Rape | Grass roots org training parents to run for school board

Episode 132 New Covid Mask mandate based of a lie : Med schools are not denying | Justice Department escalates warning to states | Garland tells Texas they cant stop busing of illegals | Kamala using Central America as excuse for open Borders | The Left has a Pedophilia problem | London Journalist advocating porn for kids backfires | Leftist on School board makes racist rant on DeSantis | Journalist that called trump supporters enemies of the state has ties to Communist party | Facebook in bed with CDC | Why are Drs not in press room to be asked questions | Biden tells Americans to expect more Restrictions | Lemon wants unvaxed to no longer have rights | CDC now Guideline is based off false report

Episode 131 Biden Needs to Be IMPEACHED! : Biden another Quid Pro Quo Axios article | Hunter videos | White house set up Tucker | Tech giants team up with Fed to silence voices Pay pal joins also | Antifa surround Rand in 2020 | Soros bought maker of new Covid test

Episode 130 You Tube censorship FBI and Transgender movement more tools for Marxists: Pegasus is confirmed | App data is weaponized | Amy Klobuchar pushing to violate the 1st amendment | Group plotting kidnap of Mich Gov Riddled with FBI | Justice Department will not hold Whitmer accountable | Fairfax county sends powerpoint on CRT | DOJ drops case of Chinese tied to Communist military | Chinese Telecom Firm hires Clinton aid | NSA said they did nothing wrong with spying on News Anchor

Episode 128 America is no longer land of the free: Biden wants phone companies to check texts | CNN life needs to be harder for unvaccinated | US Secretary of state wants UN to check our racism | Psaki says banned from one Social platform banned from all | Biden Flagging problematic posts | Actor Kutcher warns of TickToc |

Episode 127 America we know is Gone: BLM says American Flag racist | Capital Police to extend to FLA and CA Fox news | Tlaib wants to Eliminate Ice and other agency’s | Biden wants to have door to door Vac’s checks Started in NC | FBI takes Lego set | Vice news goes after Tucker AXIOS confirms Chinese Spy recruitment now in Biden NSA | Teacher tells students not to Teachers pledge to teach CRT regardless as they investigate those that oppose | Salty Cracker GAY Choir video and Laura Boabert HOME RUN

Episode 126 Our finding Fathers died in Vain : Nation Archives wants to change History Because our founding is racist and they have a task Force | Students are embarrassed to be americans | Another Grandmother sentenced in Jan 6th | Facebook asking others to turn in family and friends Over Extremism Liberty Doll Exposes this | Washington Post Keep Kink in Pride | Domestic Terror Strategy Codifies Woke war on Wrong Think | Mark Dice and Those who don’t know about the 4th. | Brave BLACK American Heroes of the Revolutionary War