Protect our Kids

We need to protect our kids from radical Indoctrination. here you will find, Not only past streams exposing the nasty trash exposed to our children and where it comes from, But the links that you need to help expose those Grooming our kids.

The truth behind Social Emotional Learning and this Transgender Agenda. This attack on our kids is happening before our very eyes and it will not be tolerated. Belore is my episode where I show you how they are doing it. Streamed 4-4-2022

Links to Documents and Articles

Connetions between US Supreme court Justice Brown Jackson to NC including here in Stanly County.

The video below was cut from the original. Please forgive the quality. This episode connects the dots to the Supreme Court Justice Mrs. Brown Jackson, to a radical leftist group that not only is inbed with the White House but also did a report card on my local community. Originally streamed 3-29-2022 Linked here.

Mrs. Brown Jackson sentenced a pedo to 3 months

Mrs. Brown Jackson wants to fundamental Redesign criminal Justice

She is also a School Board trustee that pushes CRT

Also the Judge in Pizzagate * secrate, The shooter is from Salisburry NC *

Radical group connected to Biden is called

NC Judge with dirty Ties

Anita Earls Radical organisation for Social Justice. And she teamed up with Roy Cooper

Anita Earls Organisation’s report card on Stanly County NC.

Social Emotional Learning is now in STANLY COUNTY NC , Connected to the CDC