Why am I getting into Politics, And what does the GOP need to do to take back the Party.

As you all know, I have been doing all I can to expose the nonsense and political BS for a while now. Launching my podcast, Relaunching it, Renaming From Keeping it real America to Patriots 4 liberty Media, now doing Video Podcasting. To be quite honest, I feel as if I am a damn Cheerleader doing chants with pom poms on the side lines. I have seen so much that at one point I even turned my back on the Republican Party. I decided to rejoin the GOP after a few years. The realization that Independents didn’t have real representation. Voting Independent, I learned that all I was really doing was taking votes away from Republicans. This was a bitter pill to swallow. I thought every vote counted. Doing research and actually learning how government works, was when I realized this. By design, this country has a 2 party system and in order to really make a difference, I needed to join one of the 2 major parties. There was NO WAY IN HELL I would ever join a communist DNC. So the GOP I rejoined.

Now with all that being said, let me be very clear. The vast majority of Republicans have show they cannot be trusted Neither. Why? Lets go back to the past for a minute.

1. The IT scandal, Republicans sat Idly by and did NOTHING while an UN Vetted IT GUT names Imran Awan stole Intel from the DNC server and gave it to Pakistani officials. They even know that Debbie Whissermen Schultz gave said IT guy her user name and Password while she was DNC chair and that twit is still in congress today. You know, 4/15/2021…

2. UKRAINE. The republicans had FULL control of congress and there was no hearing on any of this?? Oh wait there was, DURING THE IMPEACHMENT TRIAL! Even then, Deven Nunes asked the Ukraine Ambassador Yavonavich about the ” Do not Prosecute List.” She stated there was no list. He did not push this? UMMMM Verbally telling someone You do not prosecute the following, make sure to write it down…. THAT’S A DAMN LIST!

3. Why is it when ever the GOP has control of government, White House and Congress, Why doesn’t anything get done? Susan Collins, John McCain, and Mitt Romney are all SNAKES and help up a lot of things that could have benefited the nation.. but NO! They hated Trump more then loved the nation. There are also more Republicans that are Turn Coats then these.

4. Then there was the 2020 election. I have the document the DNC and there allies in the GOP used as the game plain to make sure the Democrats win 2020. It was war gamed. That document can be found under important Documents if you want to see it yourself. I have that Document, Dan Bongino had that Document, Glenn Beck had the damn Document and even asked Jim Jordan about it on his radio show. He didn’t know any thing about it. Wait stop the Press… How can 3 people Minimum have this document and we do not have anything near the clearance Jim has, We got it and he didn’t know it was even there? Yea I don’t buy that.

At 2 am election night I called it. Because I read this document and know what the hell is going on, I knew something was on the horizon. Then it happened. 2:30 ish, every news outlet stated they are stopping the count and will resume in the morning. 6 am came, Biden made one hell of a comeback to win. This PISSED ME OFF.

I was pissed that our elected officials would allow the same states stated in the war game to change there election laws without going through the Legislative branch of their states. This was unconstitutional. The supreme Court even stated they did not want to hear any challenges prior to election night.

A hand full of Republicans tried to stand for the Constitution and our constitutional republic. They failed. The fire was already lit under my ass. Look around. Do you want your children or grandchildren to be raised in what our nation is turning into? Me, oh Hell NO!

This is why I decided to get into this fight. Our Constitutional Republic is worth Fighting for. After attending a few Republican meetings and meeting some great people that think the same way I do, I knew this was what I was meant to do. Even spoke to my local state Representative. Everyone in my local Republican Party is on the same page I am. We want our Country back. We want our Republic back. One Nation under GOD! I am ALL IN.

So here is what the GOP needs to do to get OUR PARTY back from those that turned their backs on us.

  1. DO NOT BE AFRAID! Don’t be afraid to stand up and speak out against radicals and BS Agenda’s. Get in front of a camera and tell the truth. Make sure you have documents and facts to support your argument or this all falls apart.
  2. Stand up for Voter Integrity. Introduce legislation that protects our constitutional voting possess. The left wants to lie cheat and steel because that is how they win. Don’t let there radical push back and bully tactics dictate what we need to do to save our republic.
  3. PROTECT OUR CHILDREN! stand up and speak out against Critical Race Theory. make it known that we will not tolerate this being pushed on our kids let alone our work place. Protect the Citizens of our communities and states. Even with Legislation. Anyone that opposes said legislation, re read number 1.
  4. Call out Republicans that do not stand with our morals. Speak out and expose those in our own party that is corrupt and dirty. If they do not want to be a part of a party of Patriots then they need to go some place else. Corruption and those involved in it, only makes us look bad.
  5. KNOW WHO STANDS WITH US! We need to know who stands with us. If that means VET those running for office so be it. You can start with me. We need Patriots not politicians running our government. Anyone can say they are one of us, But no one can hide their true motives or selves for long.

If Republicans can do this, We retake our party and our Nation. The Democrats have a MAJOR WEAKNESS. That weakness is their arrogance and Cockiness. This is being exposed as we speak. More and More people are seeing what the DNC is really about. POWER! And I am running for County Commissioner to make sure I can do my part in protecting my community from the nonsense coming out of DC and Gov. Cooper.

John Wright…

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