Bank of America CEO Do Right by Society | Merrill Edge adds ESG Score | Bank of America Sidesteps constitution | Financial Analysis ESG Factors | BAM CEO Leaders should look | ESG standards are future | Banks must step up | reset world Economy | ESG Activities Research | WEF Now is the time for a great reset the 45 minute Video with leaders on Reset | Operation Choke point hurt business | FDIC made admission it targeted Certain accounts | FDIC officials ran Operation Choke point | what is Operation Choke point | OCP is Injustice | what is United nations Environment Program Finance Intuitive UNEPFI reports | G and A Sustainability Update | Big Banks sold 19 Billion worth of shares in Chinese Tech | List of companies that protest GA’s new Election Law | 13 companies that may be a Risk | Facebooks ESG score Dumped from S& P index | from Show notes… Coke tells white employees to be less white photos of the Course | NY bill A416

Documents in PDF FORM | Senators too thousands from pay day | ESG-Reporting-PwC | Esg-Scores-Methodology | Natixis-Investment-Managers-ESG-Cross-Survey-Report | Coalition-of-27-Groups-Urge-Support-for-Operation-Choke-Point | Chokepoint

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