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DISCLAIMER : We CONDEMN any and ALL kinds of violence. Everyone associated with Patriots 4 liberty are advocates of peace. Violence, especially political Violence has no place in our society. The content presented on this website are my opinions formed through research and material available to me.

What we do and why

The Main reason for doing all of this is because I want the truth to be told. I’m tired of being lied to about everything from the main stream media as well as elected officials. So I decided to do my own Research, or homework, and find the truth. The more I dug, the more I wanted to share the Truth with the public.

With this also comes the new found desire to seek real news. I guess I’m what is called a Independent or free lance journalist, Willing to do what main stream media will not. A dear friend of mine once said, Make sure you try and Debunk your argument, If you can debunk your argument then you have no argument. If you cannot Debunk your argument then your Solid. Everything shared or discussed here or on the Video podcast is based on ALL facts presented. All supporting articles and documents are located under show notes or on the cloud which you can find the link to under the Important Documents tab.

The 2 things that really angers me are,

  1. Being Lied to. So with that comes the passion and desire, to tell the truth. My credibility is everything.
  2. I have this thing about being told what to do. What I mean is, Leftists are doing all they can to shut down opposing views. I for one will not change who I am or what I say because some Tyrant, Twit, or fool with a GOD complex tells me to or else. Yea that doesn’t work for me. As I always say, WE are descendants of those that could NEVER be RULED!

Trump Rally in Charlotte NC on 3-2-2020. Explaining to Dean Kaine and FOX News on why Joe Biden is Compromised. Not sure if it aired or not but At least The effort was there.
Meeting Mark Robinson when he was running for LT GOV. Now he IS the First American of Color as LT. Governor.

Joe Biden and how compromised our Government really is. You will need to see this to understand how much Danger we are really In. the First Video is Ukraine Exposed, the 2nd is Joe Biden and the Violent Left and the 3rd is the Great Reset Explained

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